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Facebook: Good or Bad

By alsonhetya Jul 20, 2013 570 Words
Use of Computers in Schools

Shelley Frost
Shelley Frost has been a freelance writer since 2007, specializing in parenting and education. Her work can be found on websites such as and Frost holds a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education with a minor in reading from the University of Northern Iowa. *

Computers play an integral role in society, from educational purposes to controlling the operations of large corporations. The use of computers in schools prepares students for their future interactions with the machines. Computers serve both staff and students in educational settings. The amount of technology available in the school district influences the degree to which the students utilize computers.

Administrative Use
* Schools often use computers in an administrative capacity. This includes maintaining student records and managing school information. Computers may be used to track student attendance and grades. Many districts maintain school email systems as a form of communication. School libraries often use an electronic system for locating books in lieu of the traditional card catalog. Each school district differs in its administrative uses of computers, with the budget playing a major role. Planning & Communication

* Teachers rely on computers for planning and organizing class lessons. Online resources expand the options for activity planning, while reducing the amount of time required for researching. Teachers also utilize the computer for communication purposes. Email allows teachers and administrators to contact each other quickly about various issues. Many parents also communicate with classroom teachers via email. Research

* Research projects for students take a modern turn with the use of computers. The influence of computers on society makes computer skills essential for kids. Internet research familiarizes students with the wealth of knowledge available. It also offers the chance to teach children how to find reliable resources since the Internet also contains inaccurate or undocumented information. Poorly created sites may lead students to draw incorrect conclusions about a topic or include incorrect information in school projects. Websites with adult content present another risk for children on the Internet. Teach children to choose websites from recognized organizations or educational institutions, particularly for research purposes. Brainstorm a list of high-quality websites for the students, adding your own recommendations. Provide a copy of the list to each student for future reference. Encourage them to alert an adult if they stumble upon inappropriate material while using the Internet. Educational Games

* Computer games with an educational component integrate another learning format for students. While the games shouldn't serve as the primary teaching tool, they work well as a review or reinforcement of the concepts taught in the classroom. Playing computer games also improves the hand-eye coordination of the children through the manipulation of the mouse and computer keys. Typing Skills

* Typing practice improves the general computer skills of the students, providing them with the tools necessary in the future. Learning these skills at an early age allows them to type efficiently as they grow and use the computer for more purposes. The use of the mouse, CD-ROMs and other computer equipment also provide valuable skills for the students. Students learn the proper way to insert and launch a computer program on a CD-ROM, which allows them to operate the computer without assistance. They improve fine motor skills by learning to control the mouse. The practice increases the overall computer proficiency of the students, preparing them for future educational and career opportunities

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