facebook doesn't make us lonely

Topics: Facebook, Loneliness, Social media Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: February 17, 2014
Facebook doesn’t make us lonely
The cyber media privileged us connect to in every corner of world profoundly; the drastically arising of social loneliness become a public issue .The ongoing studies doesn’t still show where the booming problem arose from but the miss using of this technology may disturbs our routine of norms and contribute the strength of loneliness. Before, in village you hear everybody’s business around but more people now living in big urban cities in considering a busy life. The technologies continue allowing people to remained in touch by sharing vital informations; However, physical contact in old fashioned way has important attribute for not being alone; mind involved more on this matter. I believe Facebook should not make us lonely.

We find old friend and relatives in a tip of our finger that never get a chance to reconnect in a long time in the window of a computer. In fact, people can talk freely with not get ashamed thru Facebook about everything. Lovers shouldn’t be in a physical contact in order to understand each other, rather their hurt and felling’s supposedly connected .Since, calling and planning to meet up in certain time of place is time and money demanding and unfortunate; sharing and updating interesting, entertaining and even irritating information is so easy through social media. People, usually evaluate or promote themselves positively with others thoughts and ideas posted. In fact, Facebook plays a significant roal to find friend in a fraction of a moment; a glance or a word emerged into huge interrelated interact leads to intimate connection that create tube to long commitment of relation.

Even though, work by itself fundamentally social; now business interaction reached beyond geographical boundaries with social media. Having internet that transmitting ideas and service in second...
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