Facebook Advantage

Topics: Facebook, Marketing, Social network service Pages: 1 (310 words) Published: September 10, 2011
Facebook is a famous social-networking site. It is used by people from different walks of life no matter how young or old the user is. It is quite a common thing that a people must have nowadays. People are attracted to use Facebook because of the advantages that it carries which are the simplicity of communication, dependable marketing strategy and a source of entertainment. Communication is made easier by Facebook. Distance is never an excuse to not keep in touch with families, friends and acquaintances. It is accessible from anywhere and at any time now with the presence of internet and mobile phones. It is the easiest and cheapest way to stay connected with those who are miles away apart from each other. Besides that, Facebook is also a strategic place to market products. As the amount of Facebook users are increasing day by day, they are potential consumers. The marketer can create up a page with pictures and additional information specifically for marketing purposes. It is also convenient for people to ask questions regarding the product and the marketer can respond straight away to resolve the wonders that the consumers have in their mind. Other than that, Facebook is also a good source of entertainment. Living a hectic life can bring stress to oneself. One simple solution to relieve that stress is by visiting the Facebook site. It is provided with lots of interactive online games and applications. The best thing is that you can use of all the applications and games for free. There is no need to splurge extra money to have fun. Facebook has its own ways of attracting people which are communication that is made easier, the ability to market products and cheap source entertainment. In this era of technology, Facebook is really making people’s life easier from different types of perspectives.
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