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A Global Language Would Be Beneficial The idea that one country is better than another just because they speak one language would be forgotten. Everyone could get along and maybe even the wars would fade away, eventually. Also, communication would no longer be a problem. Business, travel, and trade would be much easier because we can all talk to each other easily.

A Single Gloabalized Language would Improve Life If there was to be a single global language that all the world's citizens would have the ability to communicate easily with individuals from different countries thus creating more equality. If the world was better able to understand each other than there would likely be a reduced amount of conflict because there would be no loss of communication when being translated. A single global language would also prove to be more efficient in the global economy because the worlds businesses and corporations would be better able to communicate.

Yes there should be one global language It would help people get along better and understand each other tremendously if there was one global language that is connected across all the world. English sort of functions as that I suppose, but it still wouldn't hurt to have it become even more globalized than it already is now. That's not to say you wanna totally lose other languages or ways of communication mind you, but.....a global language that everyone could understand and identify with can only be a positive thing in my opinion.

Life would be easier Communication would be easier .Everyone would be equal because we would all speak the same language and no cultural discrimination would occur. Everyone on here who says that it would eradicate other languages is DEAD WRONG. One world language simply means everyone speaks the same language.Other languages could be spoken but if everyone has the ABILITY to speak the same language its a win win for everyone.
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