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Social Networking has become a part of many people’s daily schedules including adults. The fact that almost 75% of teens and adults belong to social networking sits is shocking. MySpace and Facebook are the two that the majority of people belong to. Facebook has reported that they have not only found users logging in multiple times a day, but that when users log in they stay on the site for long periods of time.

The FBI put together a survey to measure an individual’s emotional connectedness to Facebook and how much the social networking site is a part of their daily routine. The participants were measured using a five point Likert Scale which was 5 meaning strongly agree and 1 strongly disagreeing. The sample used for this survey was based off of 268 undergraduates. This group primarily consisted of freshman around 19 years of age. The individuals were asked “In the past week, how many minutes per day have you spent on the Internet?” Males seemed to have reported a higher number of minutes compared to females (241:197). Overall they seemed to have reported 217 minutes per day.

Individuals for the study were then asked “In the past week, how many minutes per day have you spent on the social networking sites?” The female undergraduates said 125 minutes and males reported 109. Overall the result was 117 minutes and there was no significance to gender in this data gathering. 94% of the participants reported having a Facebook account. Although there were not many significant differences between genders females reported spending a greater percent of their daily Internet intake of Facebook.

The students reported having an average of 587 Facebook friends. There were no specific gender differences based on the time spent reading or updating personal profiles however there were incredible gender differences based on time spent looking at other users profiles. It was found that males look at other profiles daily for about ten minutes where girls spend twenty four...
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