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Facebook and Communication

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Facebook and Communication2

Candy Crush Saga, Farmville, private messages and "Liking" sound familiar? They are all part of the phenomenom known as Facebook. The popular social media website was created by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004, according to Wikipedia. It quickly escalated into a major part of our society. There are many positive features of Facebook. Some of these features are long distance friends and family staying in touch, reminders of upcoming events and birthdays and it can be a great marketing tool. However, in this day and age, social media has aided in the lack of personal contact the public has with each other, resulting in poor communication skills.

Nowadays when you think of communicating with loved ones, there is the phone, mail, face to face contact and Facebook. This social media website has opened doors to long distance communication. If your friend in California posts a picture, you see it right away instead of waiting for the mail service to deliver it days later. Many businesses also use Facebook to advertise their products and sales. There are even some that offer exclusive "Facebook Discounts". Another great feature is the reminders of birthdays and events, such as a baby shower or Mardi Gras party. Its great to invite everyone at once and get a response from each on one page. According to Mikami et al., (2010), the argument is that online communication may help adjustment because young people can use online communication as yet another place to interact with existing friends and meet others. Communication on the internet and face to face are two different behaviors, but how do you know when the line is crossed? Facebook and Communication3Michael Beygelman, the President of RPO Solutions published an article that says many people feel that...

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