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Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook for Students
By Economist Jul 12, 2012 0 0

Overview of Facebook for Students
Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook for students -- I believe it is first best to get an quick overview of what exactly 'Facebook' is.

As social networking sites have now become an integral part of a student's everyday life and with Facebook considered to be the 'Big Daddy' of the online social networking world -- consisting of over 900 million users, it is not too surprising to find that more than 96% of students claim they have a Facebook Profile (with 10% using it daily)[4346] -- this coupled with the fact it actually originated from a student, Mark Zuckerberg, on Havard University Campus.

So How does Facebook work?

Each user on Facebook.com has their own free to set-up individual profile from which they can engage with others user's Facebook profiles through instant messaging, email and recently 'video calling' in association with Skype and notifications etc. Furthermore, Facebook users are able to engage in applications, participate in interest groups and organize events through Facebook. And in the future who knows what the possibilites for social networking sites such as Facebook can offers us -- but the primary objective of such a site (at least for now) is to keep people 'connected'.

How to Use Facebook

Advantages of Facebook for Students
Group Study & Collaboration With Teacher Integration - a positive aspect of Facebook for students is for the promotion of group study and collaboration, along with the further possibility of educators and teachers having a 'watchful eye' and a 'helping hand' in group discussions which that can be taken away from the classroom. Students have the ability to share ideas and their feelings towards a certain aspect and help one another in problem solving and understanding particular concepts. Furthermore, students can share useful information that they have come across in further research they may have carried out that, from a topic the teacher has posted -- for example a particularly useful article, or an educational video -- all of which can be brought 'back' into classroom discussion and reflect positively in a student's work. From Facebook you are able to organize private groups in which students are able to carry out essentially large revision sessions in which everyone can benefit from one person sharing a particularly helpful point or comment -- or if a particular student is struggling with a certain concept and explains what it is they are struggling with on the Facebook group, other students can come in and help with that aspect -- which may help additional students too.

A Greater Sense of Community and 'Fun' - again with Facebook due to its ease and free communication,(an advantage for penniless students all by itself) it is a great platform for sharing information fast and can keeping a lot of students feeling 'connected' -- hence it is easy to keep people updated with relevant information and aspects and keep people involved and active in events. It is estimated that as a result of Facebook -- students are now "twice as likely" to participate in campus activities (compared with students who are non-Facebook users). Furthermore, students are also more likely to be feel like they have more 'friends' and hence 'popular' and sociable than that of non-Facebook using students. [4345]

Keeping Students Up to Date - by simply 'liking' a Facebook fan page such as 'The Economist' or 'The Financial Times' students can allow themselves to be kept up to date on a vast array of current (and mostly) quality information and news -- through articles, videos etc. that Facebook fan pages like the examples above share through their 'wall'. From this they can...
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