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Communication face to face is better than email, letters or cell phones. Nowadays with the developing of modern technologies, people use other types of communication such as letters, email or cellphone instead of talking face-to-face. In my opinion, face-to-face is the best way of communication because it is more expressive, more personal and simpler. Firstly, when people meet with someone they can easily shows their emotions. For instance, when you talk with another person face to face you can note the reaction of his or her face and feel his or her feelings. In contrast, it is believed that with face-to-face communication, we can trust absolutely all people say and your friends also understand your emotion clearly. Secondly, direct communication makes people closer and friendly. In addition, by this way of communication people have a choice to make a real friends. For example, with chat or telephone you may get friends, but you cannot be sure whether your ‘’virtual friend’’ is trustworthy or lying to you. In addition, people who spend too much time on social networks may have problems relating to people in the real life. Finally, direct communication is the simplest way of communication. It does not need any technology, people only have a meeting and talk as much as they want .Moreover, face-to-face communication allows to people to chat anywhere, anytime and with everyone. One should however, not forget that modern technologies in communication help to people to chat with each other over long distances. Furthermore, in some cases, technology helps the conversation more convenient and faster with family, relative or friends who lives abroad. In conclusion, we cannot deny the pros of face-to-face communication. Combining face-to-face and modern types of communication allow us to interact with people in many different ways .However, we need to think about the purpose of our communication and choose the right one for the occasion.

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