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Face to Face Communication

Topics: Communication, Writing, Psychology, Nonverbal communication, Message, Learning / Pages: 2 (347 words) / Published: Feb 23rd, 2013
Althea Hawkins I prefer online versus face-to-face communication, however both have pro’s and con’s. By using online communication, I don’t have to dress up to carry on a conversation and can end any conversation very quickly. By using face-to-face communication, I have to dress up and have more difficulties ending a conversation. When using both forms of communication, I must always be careful of how much personal information is disclosed. By the use of web cams, I can monitor body language and tone of voice used, which is the same as face-to-face communication. In this essay I will share skills I wish to improve, which are my writing skills and time management skills. I attempt to display both online and face-to-face my true self-concepts. Per Communication in a Changing World is “a relatively consistent image or set of perceptions that you have about yourself.” This way no misunderstandings of who the real me occurs later on in the relationship. In Communication in a Changing World states that messages are symbolic expressions of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Therefore I’m always careful to deliver my correct message intended, by asking questions regarding my conversations and to ensure that were on the same page. I feel this is important skill to practice in my personal and academic settings for futures use when I become an addiction counselor. Cross-Cultural Psychology and Brain Behavior will be important tools in my upcoming courses in my degree, which will help my communication skills in dealing with my clients. I need to be more at ease by starting early on practicing by communication skills with all races. I will continue to attend webinars at Walden University, where I interact like in a real classroom. My 14 year old son will help improve my skills of dealing with clients, because he is bi-racial. My weakness is I tend to become passive in order of having a shouting match with other and I really need to work on other ways of dealing with disturbing situations.

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