Face to Face

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, People Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Face-to-face vs. Electronic Communication

We're living in an age where e-mail, Facebook and digital connections are the rule, and face-to-face interactions start to become the exception. With the ability to exchange information via e-mail, chat and presentations over the web, face-to-face interactions with people seem to be unecessary. This is a harmful assumption that many people make. Without face-to-face communication intimacy is lost, there is greater misunderstanding, and people become lazy. To beegin with, people lose intimacy with one another because of the many forms of communication. You can certainly build and foster relationships over digital connections, but in my experience, the first time you meet a person face-to-face you develope a new level of fimiliarity. You can reveal interesting details about someone that may not be uncovered through digital communication. I have met many different people through the interenet and through phone calls, but once i met them in person, it changed the whole dynamic of the relationship. For example, a Facebook friend recently asked me to meet up with him. Although we seemingly had many things in common on Facebook, in reality we were completely different from each other. Secondly, without face-to-face communication, people get misunderstood a most of the time. Its hard to notice emotions, facial expressions, body languages, and tone of voice in an e-mail or text despite our attempts to give hints with various emoticons like punctuations, winking smiley faces, and acronyms like "LOL". Sometimes, the attitude or intention behind the words is lost in translation leading to misunderstanding occurs. Shy people may come off as cold; people with little to say may come off as rude, and funny people may come off as insensitive. I've been in a stitution were me and a friend where having a converstaion through text and I replied with an "ok". She thought I was upset and being rude because she felt as if...
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