Face of Battle Entitled: “Old, Unhappy and Far-Off Things”

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Five Political Blogs Assignent

Rick Mercer –
This political blog is humorously sarcastic and takes away from the seriousness that politics can oftentimes have. The bloggers personality is showcased through how he writes and his comments on some of the political news he reports on. The blog though can be very blunt and some people might take this the wrong way. The blog can also be seen as rude, but honest nonetheless.

Cathie from Canada –
This blog has somewhat of a video theme, something I don’t particularly like about it, but it still incorporates a very different angle from what other blogs are doing. The videos on the blog are not very interesting, and don’t do justice to the issues being presented.

The Monarchist –
This blog is focused on Queen and stories surrounding her. I think this blog isn’t very interesting because it has very little personality in the writing style, only a repetition of stories published online. I like the layout of the blog, and the images used in each of he stories produced.

Rootleweb –
This blog is very plain and has little visual effect at all, but it includes information on politics, religion, society, technology and other areas of life. The blog falls under a political blog category but has very little information offered in it. This blog is uninformative, and readers could not rely on a blog like this for daily use due to this fact.

Inkless Wells –
The man thing I like about this blog is that it is up to date and provides a large amount of information of political issues in Canada and United States. The blog does not only use written form, but a Paul Wells (the writer for the blog found on MacLean’s website), incorporates a wide variety of images that can be easily translates well with the written form.
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