Topics: Abuse, Cyber-bullying, MySpace Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: May 18, 2013
Timothy Jaikissoon

Mrs. Hartz

Honors English 11-3


Persuasive Essay

In the year 2006, a girl named Megan Meier committed suicide because she was cyber bullied. She met a boy under the name Josh Evans through the Internet and developed what she thought to be a strong friendship. One day the boy sent her an insulting message, resulting in Meier experiencing depression. Megan Meier hung herself because she felt she wasn’t good enough for anybody. It turns out, a girl named Lori Drew created a fictitious account over the Internet to interact and insult Meier. All of this could’ve been prevented if there was a little more safety on the Internet. The need for Internet police has been direr than ever because of cyber-bullying, harassment, and suicide.

Cyber-bullies can use technology to harass a person. One way they can do this is by sending a cell phone text message. In the year 2010, the Cyber-Bullying Research Center conducted a survey sampling the opinion of random students from the largest school district in the U.S. that showed 13.5 percent of teenagers have sent a text message to make fun of a person (Patchin). A second way is that a cyber-bully can gain access of your information and post private pictures online without your permission. According to the Cyber-Bullying Research Center, 11.2 percent of teens have done this (Patchin). One final way a cyber-bully can harass someone is by posting a comment online for the purpose of hurting someone else. As told by the Cyber-Bullying Research Center, 8.8 percent of teenagers have done this (Patchin). These are all methods of harassment and the fact that there is any percent over zero of kids cyber-bullying is an indication that there needs to be more Internet police.

A second reason for an increase in the number of Internet police is teenage suicide. The Cyber-Bullying Research Center reported that 20 percent of teenagers have contemplated suicide and 19 percent of teenagers have...
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