FABUMAN CASE 7 - Who is the worthy successor?

Topics: Family, Sibling, Marriage Pages: 4 (1479 words) Published: April 1, 2014

Question: How should Jun & Nena go about in choosing their successor?

The main issue is that Jun and Nena is retiring soon and they still are not able to select who among their children is the best candidate to take on their positions for them in the company as they are all considered to have skills that fits the company.

Another issue that is notable is that their children does not have the same perception about them with regards to being close among the family. Bert is distant with his parents, while Gerry is close with his mother and Janice is close with her father. Also, Janice does not accept her sister Martha who was adopted by her parents when she was younger. This just shows that Jun and Nena do not treat their children equally in the family which is why there are rivalry among the siblings.

Jun Abad - Husband of Nena Abad who co-created the Total Corporation with her in 1968. Being a part of the corporation he was the the head of finance and administration of the business since his background was about a corporation due to his previous work experience in an insurance company. Jun always had a scientific approach in the business and since he had a different take on the company, it was used against him and his wife by their children and employees to ensure that what they ask would be approved based on who would likely agree depending on the request. Jun was very controlling in the business and he always had the say which is why his family somehow is annoyed by it; although this changed when Jun introduced a more participative management style in the business and let everyone have a voice. ●Nena Abad - is the wife of Jun Abad which is also the co-creator of the Total Corporation. Nena managed the operations and marketing of the company, but when Jun worked full time in the family business he then took charge of some of Nena’s work even if she does not agree with it. ●Bert Abad - is a...
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