Fables and Parables

Topics: Beach volleyball, Play, Learning Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: December 12, 2013
This is a story of a Hippo who learns a valuable lesson on life, choices, and confidence.

One cool fall day, there was a seagull, flying overhead. Eventually, he stopped and sat in a tree near a lake. He sat there and watched as a group of hippos swam and splashed in the water. As he sat there and watched, the seagull dreamed of being able to swim. “Oh, how I wish I could be a hippo and swim with them”. Suddenly, he had been turned into a hippo and was swimming along side the others. However, when he was ready to go home, he realized he could no longer fly and wouldn’t be able to go home. He had to find a nearby cave to live in. The next day, he was stomping around the beach when he noticed a group of people playing beach volleyball. As he watched he saw how much fun they were having. “Oh, how I wish I were a human so I could play,” and within moments he was changed into a human Now the seagull was happier than ever. Time passed and the seagull remained human, but fall was ending and he needed to fly south for the winter. That wasn’t possible though he had to remain where he was. Soon the seagull began to understand that is envy had changed his life forever. He would never have the chance to be a seagull again. No, he wished he had never wished to be different because he liked his old life and seagulls were pretty cool.
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