Fable Haven

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Book report
Fable Haven
 Grip of the Shadow Plague
By: Brandon Mull


       Fable Haven Grip of the Shadow Plague is about two kids, Seth and Kendra, their grand parents, and some friends that are all part of a secret society where hidden preserves that keep magical creatures from going extinct by making sure the part of the world that isn't helping them thinks they don't exist. Then there is the evening star. The evening star is a group or society of people that believe that the creatures that are held in the preserves should be set free and roam the earth creating havoc and ending the world, as we know it. The evening stars have set forth upon the preserves a shadow plague that is an evil darkness that is turning good creatures bad. The secret society at Fable Haven first learned about the shadow plague when Seth and the Satyrs [half goat half man creatures] Newl and Doren were taking him to the Nipsies [Nipsies are small harmless Brownie like creatures only smaller] to steal gold from them. But when they got there half of the Nipsies were very evil and were killing the good ones.  When he got back to Fable Haven Seth told his grandpa about the Nipsies. His grandpa was very worried. Nipsies were not supposed to have an evil side to them at all. Every one started trying to solve the problem of the Nipsies but they could not find any thing on the subject.  

      To make matters worse the Knights of Dawn, which are extra elite groups made up of "good" secret society members from the preserves all over the world, wanted to have Kendra join them. They want Kendra because she could use her gift of Fairy touch to restore seemingly spent magical items back to their full power. So Kendra went to the meeting with Tanu, Coulter, and Warren going as well to protect her. There Kendra discovered that the leader wore a mask so that his/her actual identity was unknown. Kendra joined up and was asked to go on a special mission to a different secret preserve...
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