Fab Sweets Case Study

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Turnover, the rate at which an organization gains and loses employees is very much considered a motivational problem because most employees who leave an organization usually have no motive and are dissatisfied (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.25). Motivation is the ability to influence others in efforts to achieve a certain goal (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.205), if an employee lacks motivation than turnover increases, as employees lack the drive to accomplish their job tasks (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.29). Turnover results from a range of means, from job dissatisfaction to lack of communication. Job dissatisfaction is the feeling of being displeased within one’s work environment, often cause by poor pay, working conditions, or tedious job tasks (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.27). Evidence portrays that satisfied employees develop organizational citizenship behavior, where employees will perform above expectation levels (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.26).

The expectancy theory is how one will decide to behave based on motivation in relation to an overall result, the motivation of behavior selection is determining by the ambition of an outcome (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.225). The department suffers from a high level of labor turnover due to low motivation, job dissatisfaction, and unsatisfactory reward plan. The expectancy theory spotlights three prominent relationship between employee and organization, effort-performance, performance-reward, and rewards-personal goals relationship (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.226). Effort-performance relationship is that one’s effort will lead to an ambitious performance (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.226). A performance-reward relationship is believed that one’s ambitious performance will lead to an organizational reward (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.226). The rewards-personal goals relationship is the overall reward satisfaction by an employee (Robbins & Judge 2011 P.226). Basically, an employee performs at a high effort level when an appealing reward is at stake. These...
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