Topics: The Truman Show, Fahrenheit 451, Noah Emmerich Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: May 7, 2015
Guy Montag vs. Truman Burbank
The novel Fahrenheit 451 and the film The Truman Show have quite a bit of similarities. Everything from the themes of the movie and novel, the settings, moral dilemmas, conflicts and plot. Truman Burbank is your stereotypical middle class man, working a nine to five job as an insurance salesmen, in what was thought to be a perfect utopian society. On the other hand, you have Guy Montag, a man who is also in a controlled world, yet not so seemingly perfect as Truman Burbanks. Ultimately both these men face hard challenges in an even harder world. In this essay I will be going over the differences the characters face, as well as the similarities, and the impact it has on them.

In essence, Truman Burbank was the first person to be adopted by a company in human history. This of course without his knowledge, simply for the entertainment of others. As stated in the 1st paragraph, Truman seems to have the perfect life. A loving wife, good job, and great friends. This isn't by choice, rather a decided fate, at the hands of the production company running "The Truman Show". After some minor screw ups by the producers, Truman slowly but surely learns about the lie that's been kept from him for so long. "Blocked at every turn, beautifully synchronized, don't you agree". This is one of the first moments we see Truman discover his true life. This came with a long battle, which includes nearly dying. Simply wanting to die, in order to find out the true meaning in life, or in a way, make it better.

A seemingly simple man, Guy Montag is a 3rd generation firefighter who takes pride in his work. He models the stereotype of the 24th century worker in this time, by simply being a sheep. After seeing an elderly lady die at the hands of the no book rule, he decides to change his way of thinking. "We have everything we need to be happy, but we aren't happy. Something's missing. I looked around. The only thing I positively knew was gone was the...

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