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Welfare requirements are a set of legal requirements bought in, in September 2008 as set out in the EYFS. These are compulsory for all providers and are split into 5 categories: safeguarding; the suitability of adults who have contact with children; promoting good health; to manage behaviour; and information and complaints.

Every setting must have policies and procedures set out to safeguard children. This must include an explanation of how to report any concerns you may have regarding the safety of children. There must be a designated practitioner who takes responsibility for safeguarding in every setting. At my work setting the designated person is the on-site social worker and they are responsible for liaising with local statutory children’s services agencies as well as the Local Safeguarding Children board. It is also their responsibility to train all staff so that they fully understand the safeguarding policy and can implement it in their everyday work. This will help staff to identify signs of possible abuse or neglect as soon as possible. This may include: unexplained bruising, a change in their well-being or changes in the child’s behaviour. Providers have a responsibility to notify statutory agencies of any concern relating to children’s welfare and must also notify Ofsted within 14 days of any allegations of harm or abuse by anyone working, living or looking after children.

Suitability of adults who have contact with children
It is the provider’s responsibility to ensure that any person who is likely to have regular contact with children is suitable and safe to do so. At my setting, the Centre Leadership Team will carry out checks to ensure managers and all staff and volunteers have enhanced criminal records disclosures as well as staff who work on the premises who are not in direct contact with children. Members of staff and volunteers are unable to start employment/voluntary work until all checks, references and disclosures are obtained. If a member of staff is disqualified from working with children, Ofsted must be notified within 14 days with the details of the disqualification. All practitioners must not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substances while caring for children. Staff medication must be stored in a secure place, out of the reach of children and medical advise must be sought in the event of practitioners taking medication that could affect their ability to practice safely. The Director of the Centre must be notified if an employee is identified as having a substance abuse related issue. It would be the employees Line Manager as well as the Directors role to counsel and encourage the employee to seek assistance. If the employee refuses to acknowledge the problem, it may be appropriate to take disciplinary action. Providers must ensure that all new staff have a full induction to help them understand their roles, responsibilities, policies and procedures. It is my settings policy that each new member of staff is allocated a name supervisor who will conduct their monthly supervision sessions. During these sessions staff have the opportunity to discuss any issues and receive coaching to improve their personal effectiveness. During the induction process, the new member of staff will have a tour of the premises and meet key member of staff within the organisation.

Promoting good health
Providers must promote good health in children. Staff must ensure that necessary steps are taken to prevent the spread of infection and be able to take appropriate action when a child is ill. Staff at my setting are informed of procedures regarding the spread of infectious diseases and of good hygiene practice during their induction period. My work setting is cleaned on a daily basis and toys and equipment are regularly sterilised. There is a no smoking policy throughout the setting. If a child becomes unwell in my setting, their family...
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