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Eymp 3

By rockchicksam Aug 14, 2013 1245 Words
EYMP 3: Promote children’s welfare and well being in the early years.


1.1: At the children’s centre it is extremely important that we follow guidance set out by the EYFS. There must be a policy for safeguarding children. If any members of staff are unsure of how to deal with suspected child abuse, they must refer to the safeguarding policy. Each member of staff, or volunteer must be CRB checked, and have a clear CRB record. They must also be qualified to at least level 2 to work with Children. Risk assessments and room checks must be carried out before children and parents come in for a class or creche session. The paperwork for this must be stored in the room check folder after each session. Add more when you have seen policies and procedures.

1.2: Each member of staff has the responsibility to ensure that the playroom is kept tidy and clean at all times. If a child has finished playing with a toy, a member of staff encourages them to tidy it away, in order for them to play with a new one. If a member of staff or volunteer has spare time after a session, a deep clean of the toys and room is carried out. The deep clean must be done at least once a week. Each Children’s Centre worker must be qualified to at least level 2. If the worker is level 2 qualified, they must be supervised at all times. If a member of staff has any issues regarding safeguarding, and suspected child abuse, they must see Nicky Myers, who is the safeguarding officer. Nicky would discuss the issue and take it further if needed. Add more about safeguarding, SENCO policies when you have seen policies


3.1: A child’s health can be promoted in the children’s centre by taking there individual needs into consideration. For example, if a baby came into the centre and was in the creche, we would ensure we follow there routine as much as we can. The centre has a “quiet” area that the baby could sleep in if needed. The children that attend the creche always get a healthy snack, such as an apple, carrot sticks, raisons and bread sticks. If the parents want to bring there own snack or bottle in for a child, that is fine. There is hand washing posters displayed in each toilet, and the staff ask them to wash there hands each time they have gone to the toilet, they also show children how to correctly wash there hands. The children’s centre encourages the children to pick there own toys, and also encourages them to tidy a toy away, in order to play with another one. This gives the child choice, which encourages their independence. If the weather is okay, and the children have the right clothes on, or a coat, the centre likes to take the children outside if it is a creche session. This promotes their physical development, and fine manipulative skills, as there is a small garden with a vegetable patch, which the centre encourages the children to help with. At the children’s centre there is learning journeys, these are books which have each individual children’s pictures of each session, and information such as what toy they most enjoyed playing with, if they did something by themselves, e.g went to the toilet without help. We also have care and share forms, which are filled out during each creche session. These are forms which are given to the parents after each session, and it includes information such as what the child ate or drank that session, if they went to the toilet or needed there nappy changing, allergies and what toy the child enjoyed playing with and how they can use this information for the home. For example: Child A enjoyed drawing and colouring in, maybe you could encourage Child A to draw and colour at home?


Copy out chart from Riverside’s book on page 259, reference afterwards!!! 5)5.1:

Here is an example of a healthy balanced diet that a child should have. This is taken from the website of Acorn Childcare, Spalding.

5.2:At the children’s centre we have photo’s of the children, and what they are allergic to. These are kept in the kitchen and a folder in the playroom. Each child that comes into the centre who has an allergy, has to have an allergy sheet, which we keep for future reference, and we always make sure we check these sheets before a creche session. The allergies are also written on the care and share forms. Explain what policies we have when I have seen the correct policy.


There are certain foods that religious groups cannot eat. These are:


In their holy book, the Koran, it specifies that they cannot eat any pork. They cannot eat meat which isn’t halal. They cannot consume alcohol or fish which do not have scales. The Koran also states that children must be breastfed up until the age of 2 years. Children under the age of 12 do not take part in the fasting month of Ramadan.

Hindus:Orthodox Hindus are strict vegetarians, and a small few practice veganism. All Hindus do not eat beef, as they believe the cow is a sacred animal, they do not eat pork, as they believe pig’s are unclean.


Many Sikhs will not eat beef, pork or any meat if it is halal meat. Sikhs mainly eat chicken, lamb and fish. Most Sikhs fast on the first day of the Punjabi month which has a full moon. Devout Sikhs will fast once or twice a week.

Jewish diets:

Animals and birds must be killed by the Jewish method, which makes the meat Kosher. Milk and meat cannot be eaten together, and pork is completely forbidden. Shellfish is eaten rarely, as the Jewish community believe it harbours disease. They will only eat fish if it has fins and scales. Buddhists:

Most Buddhists are vegetarian as they do not believe in killing animals for meat.

5.4:Children and Adults need to know the importance of portion control, and eating the right foods. At the children’s centre we only give children healthy snacks, these include carrot sticks, banana chunks, raisins, apple slices, orange segments, bread sticks, tomatoes, etc. We always make sure each child takes 2 each of these foods, so that they do not overeat. We ensure all drinks provided are water or no added sugar juice. We always write down on the care and share forms what each child has eaten and drank that day. The children’s centre runs cooking courses, which educates parents on how tro make healthy food, and subjects such as obesity and portion control is taught to them too. The centre has also had Cultural days, where children learn about a certain Culture. For example, the children have learnt about Poland before, and made stuffed cabbage (Golabki) Children find trying new foods very fun, especially when they can help make the food. Parents have been encouraged to bake with their children, and the centre have had a baking day where the children made cupcakes. Outdoor play is vital in keeping children active, and childhood obesity under control. The centre has a small play area with bikes, trikes and scooters. We try to get outside as much as possible.

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