Eymp 1- Task 1

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EYMP 1- Context and principles for early years provision
Task 1
Within a setting practitioners have to follow and refer to all relevant early years framework. This framework is relevant to all children aged 0-5 who attend a playgroup, preschool or a nursery/ reception class at school. The framework clearly sets out all the legal requirements that the practitioners must meet. In section 2 of the framework the legal requirements relating to a child’s learning and development are explained and set out. This section explains the early learning goals, educational programmes and assessment arrangements. Section 3 of the EYFS framework explains the legal requirements regarding a child’s welfare. This section sets out principles and requirements about safeguarding and promoting a child’s welfare, what suitable environment, setting and equipment would consist of and the organisation/ documentation regarding the child and their education. This framework provides guidance for practitioners which allows them access to useful advice and detailed information when supporting a child’s learning, development and welfare. This help them to improve their practice which helps give children a better start to their life in education as the practitioner will understand how to help them move forward with their learning and development yet still be safe and comfortable within the setting. Practitioners would be able to refer to national guidelines such as Ofsted. Guidelines are used by practitioners to help them bring out the best and care for the children in their care. The guidelines such as the EYFS framework set out clear information and cover all aspects of a child’s safety, health, development, welfare and so on. They help to point practitioners to success and efficient practice when working with children. 1.2

There are different approaches that can be taken by a practitioner when they are working with children in the early years. There are theories that were carried out...
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