Eye Gaze Communication System

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Eye Gaze Communication
In many cases individuals are unable to communicate with others directly by using oral language, hands, or other body parts.  Because of technology and innovation, this population now has the option of utilizing an eye gaze communication system in which a person's direct stare can provide a particular selection.  With the help of an eye gaze board, people whose communication abilities are impaired can still express what they are feeling or what their needs may be with a limitless vocabulary.  

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When establishing an Eyegaze communication board, there are two main parts to consider.  First of all there is the communication board; this section contains all of the necessary vocabulary the individual will use when communicating.  The words that comprise this communication board are all based on the user's preferences of what is most important to communicate.  Most users have a variety of differences on their personal board, however many have some similarities.  For example, "eat, drink, food" are basic needs that usually should be placed on each person's communication board.  This part of the system is primarily placed in the tray of the user's wheelchair. Eyegaze Communication Section

|  |YELLOW |BLUE |GREEN |  | |  | | | | | |RED | | | | | |I or me |eat/food |read a book |Hello, how are you? |1 | |Mom |drink |watch TV |How was your weekend |2 | | | | |day? | | |Dad |different position |go out |I need help. |3 | |Friend |play |listen to music |I love this |4 |

Secondly, a clear acrylic board comprising of encoded material is held upright near the individual's face.  The information that is encoded can be symbolized as colors, letters, and/or numbers (depending upon the preference of each individual).  Each color, letter, or number represents its own column or row; hence, the vocabulary is placed within the cells that are made up from these columns and rows. Clear Acrylic Board Section

|Red |1 |Yellow | |  | |  | |  | |  | | | |  | | | |  | |4 |section cut away to allow |  | | |partner to see user’s eye |  | | |gaze |  | | | |  | | | |  | | | |2 | | |...

References: Charlebois-Marois, C. (1985). Everybody’s technology: A sharing of ideas in augmentative communication. Montreal: Charlecoms Enr.
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