Eye Contact and Index Finger

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Examples of kinesics:-
3. EXAMPLE No:1  Holding his fingers in a ring shape or ok gesture  This indicates that person is saying some Important thing 3 4. EXAMPLE No:2  The two hands behind the head shows superior attitude of the know-it-all.  Sitting with legs crossed is sign of Confidence, Superiority 4 5. EXAMPLE No:3  The index finger covers the mouth and head is supported by the thumb  That indicates that the person is Thinking 5 6. EXAMPLE No:4  In this picture head is tilted .  Both palms are open .  Both are sign of Openness. 6 7. EXAMPLE No:5  The palms are to the sight.  Hunched shoulders and raised brow.  These are signs of that a person does not know or understand what you are talking about. 7 8. EXAMPLE No:6  Arms crossed on chest  Head is down  Both are sign of Sincerity and innocence. 8 9. EXAMPLE No:7  The palm is closed into a fist and the pointed finger.  This is sign of Authority and Superiority. 9 10. EXAMPLE No:8  Standing with hands are locked behind the back  This indicates Self-control. 10 11. EXAMPLE No:9  Hand-to-face gesture  The index finger covers the mouth and the thumb supports the chin .  These are the sign of Critical evaluation 11 12. EXAMPLE No:10  Sitting  Legs crossed  Arms resting on the legs  These are the sign of Confidence. 12 13. EXAMPLE No:11  Sitting  Legs apart open  These are the sign of Relaxed. Examples of oculesics:

We generally make eye contacts during communication. Again sometimes we try to avoid eye contacts while communicating. All these come under Oculesics. Looking at face or other parts of body or even looking away are the examples of Oculesics.  Generally there is a saying that eyes are the mirror of soul. By looking at someone’s eye we can understand his or her mental conditions like anger, smile, happy, sad etc. The intensity of Oculesics varies country to country, society to society and also religion to religion. Though direct eye contact depicts attention, but in some...
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