Eye and Brain

Topics: Eye, Brain, Retina Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Sue Punderson
English Comp. 1101
April, 19 2013

Blame the Eyes and the Brain

The human eye and brain are two of the most extrodinary and vauleable organs in the body. The eye gives people the ability to perform daily tasks and to explore the world around them. The brain gives people the ability to feel emotions, to reason, and to conform. Vision, is an occuring process that needs constant interactions between the eye, the nervous system, and the brain. When a person looks at an object, they are actually seeing the light the object gives off. This light is passed through the lens, and then passed through the retina of the eye. From there, the light triggers nerve impulses which are then sent to the optic nerve in the brain. In the brain is where that light becomes and image, and depending on prior knowledge or comfortability with that image, our barin will make a hasty judgement. These judgements decide whether we like or dislike a person, race, gender, or anything that physically makes a person who they are.

The eye is like a camera. The eyes are able to take mental pictures of eveything they see on a day to day basis, unlike a camera these images can not be deleted therefore are forever burned into your memory. Being an eye is having to process everything a person pyhsically looks like, their face, the color of their skin, and how they're dressed.

At first glance your brain may convince you that you do not like a certain person or a specific group of people based on race, gender, religious beliefs, and sexuality. But negative judgements can be changed if the person who believes them educates themselves on the subject; and Yvonne Ridley, author of How I came to Love the Veil, did just that. Ridley was arrested and detained for ten days for sneaking into Afghanistan after the 9/11 attack. Ridley's detainers released her after she promised to read the Koran and study Islam. Once reunited with her home in London, she kept her word and studied...
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