Extrovert and Introvert Children

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Psychology Pages: 1 (443 words) Published: December 12, 2010
Children learn how to express themselves by watching their parents or guardian. They learn how to love; stress, get angry, sadness, or discontent etc…Cultural backgrounds have a lot to do with how children show emotion. Is your child’s emotional behavior acceptable by society standards? Parents that are in touch with their feelings and/ or emotions and are able to express themselves without being destructive are more then likely going to raise their child to express the appropriate emotion giving the situation. Parents with repressed emotions will also teach their children how to hold back their emotions. A child maybe more of an introvert if they are not aloud to express themselves, as the child that is encouraged to express how they feel is more likely to be an extrovert. Society tolerates emotional expression as long as it is not destructive to themselves or others. Many people will march in protest for or against a cause, which is acceptable by society, but if that protest turns violent then the emotional behavior is now an unacceptable means of expression. As your child grows you should encourage them to have an opinion and to be respectable to others opinions. Teaching your child that it is ok for someone to disagree, and we are not all meant to believe, feel, live and look the same way. Some cultural types are very adamant about what kind, when to, and even who is aloud to express certain emotions. Cultural differences play a huge part on many racist people. You may not be a racist but maybe your parents taught you that it is socially unacceptable to date or marry out side your race. Some cultural differences teach boys that crying shows weakness. Some parents may yell or talk aggressively, while others are very quiet and don’t have a whole lot of communication with the child at all. We as parents are the biggest influences on our child’s emotional behavior. The way we communicate with our child helps them develop emotionally. The way...
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