Extrenal Recruitment Methods- Open House/Job Fairs.

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Job fair Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: November 28, 2011

Job fairs are now becoming more and more common in all organizations and industries. A job fair is a lot more than just an information source; they are used for a lot of different reasons. For many corporate organizations, a job fair offers an opportunity for many people to get many interviews in one day. As people come to a booth, they are assessed immediately. If you stay for 30 seconds or 20 minutes, the whole time is an opportunity for the employer to get to know potential employees and also to rule out certain applicants, for example some of Google’s departments won’t even look at your resume/application unless you have take Ivy at a university. So that brings me to the next point, unless you are completely prepared to present yourself in a way that is professional then a job fair might be a waste of time. When you approach a booth, the employer will look at your appearance and basically judge you base on the first 30 seconds. So it is recommended that you do your homework before attending a job fair. For student however a job fair will provide a source and opportunity for them to see tons of employers and get a lot of information about these employers in one day.

It is also quite important to know about the different kinds of job fairs. There are Campus-Sponsored Job Fairs, Campus-Sponsored Career Days, CommercialProfessional Job Fairs, Commercial Specialty Job Fairs, and Community Job Fairs. * Campus-Sponsored Job Fairs: this is the more popular job fair for students, usually there will be more that one Campus-Sponsored Job Fair at a collage and each one is geared to a certain academic department. They are sponsored by the career center at that collage. It has been recommended that a student attend these types of job fairs a couple of years before they graduate. This is so the student can get familiarized with the process and when they go there looking for a job they will be one...
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