extremista and moderates

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Moderate Phase of Indian National Movement 1885 – 1905
During our freedom movement, the congress people were split into two parts, the moderates and extremists. The Moderate period was from (1885 –1905) and Extremist period from(1905 – 1920). The first twenty years of congress history in indian politics is referred as moderate politics. Moderates were the first English educated intellectuals of india like Dada bhai naoroji

Pheroz shah mehta
Gopala krishna gokhale
Maha govinda ranade
Though the moderates were Indian, their taste, Intellect, morals, opinions were British in nature. They had complete faith in the British sense of justice and therefore functioned within constitutional limits. They thought it was only the bureaucracy which stood between the people and their rights. They believed that India has benefitted in many ways under British rule. So they desired self-rule for India but they were not prepared to break up ties with Britain.  Demands of Moderates:

They never demanded independence; they only wanted India to have some rights under British just like Canada and Australia. They wanted India to grow its democratic nature under British patronage. They wanted proper representation to Indians in public and political services. eg: civil services and executive council. Spread of western education especially technical education.

Protection of native industry and promotion of modern industries. The Congress met once in every year for three days to prepare the charter of demands in the form of resolutions dealing mainly with political, administrative and economic issues.  Forms of struggle:

Moderates believed in constitutional forms of agitation.
They were evolutionaries not revolutionaries.
They were against violence.
They used to carry off protest through the press,
They adopted Pray, Petition, Protest strategy to pass a bill. Protest was limited to constitutional means and within the law&order. Critics termed it...
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