Extremism and Talibinazation

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Extremism & Talibinazation

• Introduction.
• Different types of Extremism.
• Characteristics of religious Extremism. 
• Characteristics of Talibinazation. 
• Difference between fundamentalism and extremism.
o Fundamentalism, rigid but focused on self correction.
o Extremism, rigid and cohersive but focused at forcefully molding behavior of others. • Roots of Extremism in Pakistani society.
o Soviet war in Afghanistan
o Rise of Kalashnikov & Drugs culture.
o Proxy wars of other Muslim countries been fought in Pakistan. • Factors that gave rise to Talibinazation in Pakistan.
o Certain areas in Pakistan unchecked by the government.
o Inefficiency of law and order agencies to reduce arms and animations in residential areas o Governments unchecked the rise of Madarisa Culture. (no regulation) o Lal Masjid Jamia Hafsa event. 
• Reasons of success of Extremism & Talibinazation in Pakistan o Hopelessness and suppression in the Muslim world.
o Inability of the political system to deliver.
o People losing faith in current form of democracy prevalent in Pakistan. o Deficiency of social justice.
o Poverty
o Illiteracy and un-education
o Different education systems in one country.
o Unemployment.
o Improper investment in social sector and lack of attention on human development. • Consequences and impacts of extremism on our social and cultural situation. o Deteriorating law and order situation and loosening of writ of the government. o Extremism giving birth to terrorism

o Threat to internal stability
o Culture giving birth to intolerance
o Increase in sectarian violence
o Social distress
• Consequences of extremism on the economic environment of Pakistan. o Flight of foreign investment due to environment not conducive for business. o Contraction in economic activity due to violence, strikes and vandalism. o Sole breadwinners of families killed in terrorist attacks.  • Extremism and Talibinazation causing very bad name to Image of Pakistan in outside world. • Is military operation a solution to extremism? 

o Partly yes – in short term.
o Partly not – in long term.
• What is needed at Government level?
o Formulation of policies to remove disparities at socioeconomic level. o Investment in social sector.
o Government initiatives needed to uplift economic activities in backward and war trodden areas. o Devise a mechanism for dialogue b/w different schools of thoughts in the religion o Standardization of education & regulation Madarisas.

o Active role of law enforcement agencies for reduction of arms and ammunition. • What is needed at private/ individual level?
o Family is the basic unit for inculcating the norms and values in an individual. o Role of Ulema.
o Role of intellectuals
o Responsibility of the upper class and well off individuals toward the poor. • Conclusion.

Extremism is a critical problem faced by Pakistani society today, leading to social, economic, cultural, political turmoil and humanitarian crises, it has nurtured due to internal and external factors, internal being the prevalence of social injustice, inequality, illiteracy and exploitation in the society and external factors being the involvement of Pakistan in the regional and international power game and proxy wars. Modus operandi of extremism is the expression of a fanatic behavior by individuals and groups, who are not able to convey their will in the society, through prevalent social mechanism. The people who cannot exert their influence, in the decision making process, go for violent means to express their opinion. As a result we see anarchy in the society. This situation fuels the flames of poverty, terrorism and social distress. Extremism can by of different types, it can be ethnic, linguistic, narrow nationalism but the most severe kind of extremism faced by our society is religious extremism. The main characteristics of religious extremism are: • Forcefully imposing the own version of religion on others. •...
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