Extreme Sports

Topics: Extreme sport, X Games, Aggressive inline skating Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: December 11, 2013
What does someone mean when they use the term “extreme” especially in reference to a particular sport or activity? Everyone has a different view or definition of the word extreme, but most people would agree in general on most of the points needed to be classified as an extreme sport or activity. The term extreme has become quit the popular word with today’s generation of people and its being over used by the masses to describe a variety of sports and activities, but what actually makes an extreme sport or activity is still questionable. One of the most important things that a sport or activity must have to be even being considered extreme is a large amount of danger and in this case, the more the better. Other factors that go hand in hand with extreme danger are extreme levels of speed , outrageous heights and a high level of physical fitness as well as anything else that could be factored into not normal. Most extreme sports do however have several common characteristics. They’re not just for today’s youth and younger generation, but they do tend to draw a younger audience. Very rarely will you find an extreme sport endorsed, or promoted by any popular sporting company like Nike for example. Extreme sports and activities are mostly for individuals and unlike traditional sports; the term team doesn’t apply or exist. Extreme sport individuals are also different in that they have a will and attitude to take risk and welcome danger and even possible injury. They seem to have a adrenaline drive when the outcome is uncertain as to what will happen, always going for more speed, more height and bigger tricks under extreme conditions. This unquestionable drive gives these individuals the ability to surpass the limits of where others fear to go and do. They also tend to master their sport of choice alone or in the company of other extreme sporting individuals very rarely seeking coaching or training. Environments also play a large role in making extreme sports...
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