Extreme Sports

Topics: Risk, Extreme sport, Bungee jumping Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Nowadays , “Extreme sports” or “X-Games” such as climbing, bungee jumping , and downhill skateboarding are being practiced by Peruvians more often . But I’m wondering the reason why Peruvians now prefer to do this kind of stunts instead of practicing safer sports, I mean , sports which don’t involve putting in risk their lives . karol:

Well, it seems likely they’re looking for non-common activities and want to feel the experience of trying something new which may motivate them to do crazy things such as letting themselves fall down from high places at a really high speed. Lady:

So we can say that those people who love to feel that hullabaloo by practicing these sports can be named daredevils, you know, people who are looking for exciting and risky activities in which they may put in risk their lives but also be able to take up one of these sports . Karol:

I’m not sure if I’m getting it . What you mean by telling “take up” is that they practice this as a hobby or they just want to get money by doing these stunts? Lady:
Well, unfortunately, some of them just want to fill their pockets , whereas other ones are looking for pleasure and joy. Karol:
Oh, I guess you’re right, but can you get to the main point? I mean , yes , they practice these sports in order to feel better with themselves and all that stuff. But there must be something else involved , I mean, more reasons why they decide to do those stunts. Lady:

What I’m trying to tell you is that many Peruvians are acting like thrill-seekers, it means that they consider an activity which involves risk and adrenaline such an irresistible one , even though they may have some serious injuries or even die by doing them . Now, talking about what motivates them to practice these sports , I guess that some people are just done with the idea of playing in order to get a prize, which is the case of the majority of traditional sports … (karol interrupts)

So they just want to feel the...
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