Extreme Sports

Topics: Climbing, Extreme sport, BASE jumping Pages: 4 (1360 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Extreme Sports
Their Impact on Australian and International Sporting Cultures Name

Extreme Sports and Their Impact on Australian and International Sporting Cultures To feel free as a bird, to dissolve in a cutting eye white snow, and to be closer to the Sun are the slogans of many people today. Nowadays, more and more youngsters become fond of extreme sports. They are always associated with the risk to life and release of a large dose of adrenaline in the blood. Over the past decade, new types of sports such as snowboarding, mountain boarding, BMX, kite surfing etc. were invented. "Extreme sports feature a combination of speed, height, danger, and spectacular stunts" (Extreme sports, 2012). Moreover, other traditional sports are developing in the new directions. For example, lately there were only road bikes, and now one can easily count several mountain subspecies. Many people consider extreme sports as the best vacation from the daily routine, a kind of retreat from an everyday reality. Some people say that extreme sports are better than drugs or alcohol. It is also the easiest way to assert oneself. To reach it, one does not need stacks of books to read, to pass many exams, or to argue with boss at work. Though, such simplified model of the world is unacceptable for most adults. Like in most youth subcultures, there is a certain protest against the measured and calculated adult life. Thus, an extreme sport is a world of young people; it is their creativity as well as self-expression, and a very few adults may exist in this world. Though, extreme entertainments presuppose not only much adrenaline and positivism, they may also have some serious consequences.

Nowadays, many people relate the invention of extreme sports with rock climbing and running a marathon that became very popular in 1970th. Actually, extreme sports became popular only in the 20th century when the media...

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