Extreme Programming as a Methodology

Topics: Extreme Programming, Systems Development Life Cycle, Agile software development Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: October 5, 2008
To understand issue of XP (Extreme Programming) as a methodology is important to mention some of it´s background. XP came to the picture in 1999 in Kent Beck´s book named Extreme Programming Explained. The book was originally aimed to programmers but the Extreme methodology reached others areas as well. XP as a methodology in the early 2000 gained a lot of followers as a new outlook of doing programming and systems design. But this new methodology also arose questions about its effectiveness and originality when compare to the other traditional models. The article Is extreme Programming Just Old Wine in New Bottles: A Comparison of Two Cases (2005) summarizes that the principles of XP at first glance may seem like a new methodology, a methodology that promotes communication, simplicity, feedback and courage something different from the limitations of the other existing methodologies. However, the author’s opinion is to beware of the swan song of the XP to take a deeper look and see that the root of the methodology can be traced back to Dahl and Niggards’ (1966) ideas, that this so call new idea is just old wine in a new bottle. The authors conclude that the contribution of the XP in the field maybe not so new after all and depends more of motive individuals that will do well regardless the methodology they use, to support their opinion the authors offer the results of their qualitative case-study of two different companies that applied an XP-style development approach in their information systems development life cycle. The authors urge the reader to consider that while there are many claims for the successful use of XP and Agile Modeling (AM) and many advocates that support its use, these claims are lacking of studies to support them. To emphasis their position the authors explore the concept of XP as a new approach to IS development, Hilkka M.R. and et.al. (2005).They argue that instead of being a new development model, XP can be described as a way of...

References: Hikka M.R.,Tuure T.,Matti R. (2005). Is Extreme Programming Just Old Wine in New Bottles:
A Comparison of Two Cases. Journal of Database Management, 16(4), 41-61.
Fowler M. (2005). Is Design Dead? Retrieved September 13, 2008, from www.fowler.com
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