Extreme Couponers

Topics: Marketing, Business, Extremes Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Discussion Questions:
1. Look at the examples of extreme behaviors described in the article, then go online and find one more example of extreme consumers. Describe it in detail and discuss how you would deal with these consumers if you were a marketer for the company whose product(s) these extreme consumers are infatuated with. 2. Why do you think so many managers actively avoid or are wary of extreme consumers?

Another example of an extreme consumer is the shopper who radically values savings, specifically those achieved through the use of couponing. You may have heard about them from the television, or even waited in line behind one at the grocery store. These are people who go to extremes to save money by spending copious amounts of time clipping coupons from paper media advertisements. Often manufacturers will promote their goods by offering a limited discount if you redeem one of the coupons they have distributed through their marketing channels. It has even become something of a fad with television shows such as “Extreme Couponing,” which highlights some of these super-savvy consumers.

As a marketer for one of these companies distributing these savings, I would embrace the shopper who takes the time to search for deals by offering more savings for continued purchases or even higher quantity orders. Even with a reduced profit margin, the company will see increased revenues through number of units sold. Managers may actively or even passively avoid some of these extreme consumers because they are intimidated by their product knowledge or they just don’t want to dedicate a larger portion of time to someone who has an obvious infatuation. They may dismiss these people as crazy or neurotic and simply not devote any part of their day to minding them. It would be better to encourage them and consequently heightening the consumer’s already loyal tendencies.
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