Extracting Sliver from Used X-Ray Films Using New Techniques

Topics: Silver, Silver compounds, Chemistry Pages: 4 (1022 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Extracting sliver from used X-ray films using new techniques

Silver is one of the precious metals that exists as silver halides and dark silver in X-ray films therefore recycling it is essential. I decided to carry out my research in the field of extracting silver from used X-ray films using new technique that dose not deplete ant metallic resources or energy resources meaning that the project must be environmentally friendly. My research consists of two parts, part one which is carrying out experiments to obtain the concentration of nitric acid silver from X-ray films using nitric acid and investigating and other chemicals needed to extract silver and silver compounds form X-ray films, and the correct procedure to be followed. After getting successful result with nitric acid, the second challenging part was to investigate and do experiments on extracting oxides of nitrogen from exhaust unwanted gases which are the result of combustion of fossil fuels in internal engines. My experiments revealed that using urea increases the percentage acidity of the situation prepared from exhaust gases. That solution was testes for its ability to precipitate silver halides and result was light areas in x-ray films produce 5.7% precipitate when using the acidic solution prepared from urea and exhaust gases. The last part of my project was to design a model that combines the two parts of my project for the purpose of doing final tests on the extraction of silver using the above mentioned technique. I was able to extract up to 5% of silver halides using my technique while carrying out my research, I faced many problems but I was able to overcome them. One way that helped light my path in overcoming certain problems and leading me to the right components to be used in carrying out my design was designing the several experiments that took place.

Major question:
* How can be obtain and extract silver form used x-ray films?

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