Extra Curricular Activities

Topics: Extracurricular activity, High school, Future Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: February 13, 2012
In my opinion there are many reasons as to why extra curricular activities should stay and not be abandoned. There are many positives to having extra curricular activities. With many positives come little negatives, all factors should be factored in. After looking at both sides there is a clear answer as to what should happen with extra curricular activities.

If the schools keep extra curricular activities it will enhance students grades and bring them more potential for the future. Being in an activity will give a person responsibility. If a student has responsibility it will prepare them for the future. Also being in a extra curricular activity will help students become more active, when a person is active it is making their life healthier and better. Working out releases happy endorphins that will give the person a positive aspect on life making their attendance better at school and their grades higher. Another positive aspect of being in after school activities is if you do not have many friends or are new to a school it is a way to meet new people and make more friends. By being in the same activities the children will relate more and become better friends, especially by seeing each other more and in a different way. After school activities are very helpful to most kids, not everyone has the best home life. If a student has a bad home life and are in an after school activity it can help change their life around. The after school activities have a head person in charge, that person is seen as a mentor to many of the children in that group. That mentor can and will change many peoples lives by being in that group. If a child has no mentor at home the after school activity they are in has now provided them with one giving them a better hope for the future. In the end there are many positives for after school activities that will outweigh the negatives.

There are few negatives in having after school activities. For example, you must have a ride to the...
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