External Internal Factors Paper

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External/Internal Factors Paper

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The McDonald’s Corporation is a present and ongoing future global market leader. Operating in one hundred plus countries McDonald’s has to focus on the international and local trade and investment. To do so this global market leader must utilize new and creative technology to allow companies/businesses to develop new products/solutions to further the company’s success. Customer satisfaction and advertising is the common goal. To meet these demands McDonald’s has to strongly urge it’s components to think of what McDonald’s has to gain from diversity. From a daily scope McDonald’s reaches just about every culture, which leads to many unclear operational/ethical issues. With a growing demand for even more complex solutions for this wide spread of cultures and ethics. In this paper, we will examine how the external/internal factors that effect McDonalds globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, an ethics have an impact on the four functions of management. Globalization & the Four Functions of Management

It is amazing to know that over 54 million people eat at a McDonald’s everyday in over 100 different countries. Though McDonald’s is a franchise and all there restaurants are individually owned, the four functions of management are still important factors, which enable the operation to be so successful. This part of the paper will discuss how globalization impacts the four functions of management, which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Globalization is a process of interaction and integration between people, companies, and governments of different nations. It is a process driven by international trade and investment and is aided by international technology. It affects the environment, culture, political systems and human well being in societies around the world. McDonald’s Corporation is a leading food service retailer and worldwide they control a huge part of the restaurant business segment.

McDonald’s manages its system in geographical segments. The largest segment of McDonald’s being McDonald’s USA, which shows the most revenue and has the most number of restaurants. Within the controlling function of management McDonald’s uses a process called the Restaurant Improvement Operations Process (RIOP) to evaluate how effective the restaurants are meeting quality standards. They also established a global program that ensures compliance with the guiding principals of the company. Under these procedures each company that does not pass an audit is given 30 days to fix the problem.

Under the planning, leading, and organizing functions of management, McDonald’s works with their suppliers to help them develop their own systems of accountability. Those suppliers then can identify and address any problems or concerns on an ongoing basis. The system ensures that suppliers are in ordinance with McDonald’s Code of Conduct within their diverse market. McDonalds Technology

Today, a company will not succeed unless they are utilizing and incorporating technology that is available and will continue to evolve. As new technology is created this allows companies and business to develop new products or find ways to update and improve the products and services they already have. McDonalds has proven to be on the cutting edge of using and utilizing new technology. One way McDonalds is staying on top of the latest technology is by utilizing wireless Internet. McDonalds signed a deal with Wayport, a Texas-based HotSpot operator, to provide wireless Internet access for its customers (Shim 2004). McDonalds now joins hotels, airports, even Starbucks in offering this service for its customers. Another way McDonalds is using technology is through its equipment. McDonalds Corporation has contracted with Argonne National Laboratory in the invention of several frying baskets. The new baskets improve the quality and consistency of the...

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