External/Internal Factors-Home Depot

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External/Internal Factors-Home Depot
Internal and External factors affect the four functions of management in several ways. A way that affect the external factor would be to encourage spending and making sure websites are readable and that buttons are operable and viewers have easy access without a large amount of difficult and straits. This can drive away business. The driving forces or environmental or forces, internal driving forces are inside the business and external forces are outside the business. Things that affect internal forces are machinery, equipment, computers capacity, culture, management systems, financial systems, employees moral. External factor are things outside the business things that affect this force is the industry, the economy, demographics, competition, and political interference. A business must be ready and able to change with the times and handle the up’s and downs and come back with fighting power. The following will show how globalization, technology, innovation, diversity, and ethics play a role in the four functions of management within the Home Depot organization. Globalization

Home-Depot provides products to millions of customers each daily throughout the globe. They ensure that their products are either what customers are looking for as well as what competitors do not have. Home Depot wants to obtain improved technology, partnerships, and what they consider “open books” from their carriers. According, to Wayne Gibson and Bret Rudeseal of The Home Depot, they stated at the Traffic World Strategic Technology Conference that everyone ask for help. They believe what do when Home Depot just like many other companies worry about what they should do if the company grows to more than double their size in a few year period. Gibson also stated, "We are growing rapidly and that growth is really challenging the way we do logistics and "We need partners-both vendor and service suppliers, and we have got to be better at a whole bunch...
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