External Effects on Workplace Health and Safety

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Employment, Psychology Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: October 25, 2010
External Effects on Workplace Health and Safety
Analyze how emotional and physical aspects of a person’s life can influence the employee’s effectiveness in the work environment.

Emotional and physical aspects of a person’s personal life can influence an employee’s work performance in a number of ways. An employee with emotional problems due to home or personal life can be distracted which is a potentially dangerous thing in jobs which require full attention to operate a machine or heavy equipment. A distracted employee is not paying attention to the task at hand as is a danger to themselves and others. Personal problems such as a family crisis are an emotional event which is normally short in length of time. There are still work dangers involved but the employee usually gets over the event in a short amount of time in relation to an emotional problem such as long-term depression. A problem which is associated with depression is the possibility of the employee using drugs or alcohol to feel better which causes work related injuries, time lost to employee absences, and production losses due to poor work performance.

Physical aspects are high production demands which cause a stressful work environment. An employee who feels overworked will not be an effective team member. Employees with diseases or physical handicaps who are considered disabled are given reasonable considerations to assist them in the performance of their work. Modified work schedules, special work stations, and other considerations helps the company comply with current federal laws and also helps the employee be a better be more productive. The benefits are an employee who is less likely to be injured or take many sick days.

An employer who is aware of the employee’s emotional and physical problems can assess the needs of the employee and determine a solution which will help both the employee and the company. A safety program which addresses all aspects of employee health and safety is a...
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