External Data Integration

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Oracle Fusion Applications
Using External Data Integration Services

Table of Contents

External Data Integration Services: Overview4
Integration Points to consider5
Locating File Import Templates: Explained5
Prepare Data Files6
Data Integration using Manual Flow7
File for Import and Export: Highlights7
File for Import and Export: Explained8
Load Interface File for Import Process10
Importing Data into Application Tables: Procedure11
Flow Automation using Web Service12
Discovering Automation Service Details12
Constructing End Point URL13
Web Service Operations13
Web Service Operations with parameter details13
Operation: uploadFileToUcm14
Operation: submitESSJobRequest15
Operation: getEssJobStatus16
Operation: downloadESSJobExecutionDetails16
Correcting Data Upload Errors: Explained17
Correcting Import Process Errors: Explained17
Inbound - End to End Automation Flow Use Case:17
Flow Steps:18
Outbound - End to End Automation Flow Use Case:21
Flow Steps:21
Appendix 1 – Security pre-requisites needed for downloading ESS job execution details23 Appendix 2 – Sample code for preparing data file for the inbound flow25 Appendix 3 - Predefined Target UCM Accounts27

Appendix 4 – ESS Job Execution Status29
Appendix 5 – Testing Web Service using client proxy30
Appendix 6 – Error Handling for Import jobs35
Appendix 7 – Using XML templates to Generate Data Files37

External Data Integration Services: Overview
External Data integration services are used to load data into Oracle Fusion Applications from external sources such as legacy systems and third-party applications. The following are the components in the overall process:-

Templates for structuring, formatting and generating the data file according to the requirements of the target application tables. A File based load process for loading data from the data file into the interface tables. Application-specific data import processes for transferring data from interface tables to the application tables in your Oracle Fusion Applications.

The below process flow diagram briefly explains the steps in the flow.





Integration Points to consider
Locating File Import Templates: Explained
External data that you integrate into your Oracle Fusion Applications must be structured and formatted according to the properties of the fields and tables that store the data. To prepare external data so that data types, structural relationships, and other properties of the data correctly align to the data types, structural relationships, and properties of the target tables, use the product specific templates and control files in Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications.

You access these files from the “Details” tab of the Import process that corresponds to the interface tables that store the data. To find the process, you can search the interface table or you can search the specific process. E.g. “Journal Import” process

Aspects of preparing external data using templates involve these tasks:-

• Finding templates and control files
• Downloading templates
• Opening XLS templates

Finding Templates and Control Files
To find the templates and control files:

1. Sign in to Oracle Enterprise Repository - https://fusionappsoer.oracle.com. 2. Enter the following information in the Search fields and click search:

3. Click Search.
4. Select your respective import process from the results pane. E.g. “Journal Import”.

Downloading Templates

To download the templates:

1. Use the Search area to locate the import process and then select it from the search results. 2. Click on the “Details” tab...
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