External Assessment

Topics: Competition, Competitor analysis, Monopoly Pages: 4 (1183 words) Published: May 5, 2013
External assessment

Political, governmental and legal forces:
* Political forces
As the current situation in Egypt is not stable and there is a lot of political issues that affect directly the business in Egypt, also the revolution and the security instability, and the decline in the Egyptian pound price which affect negatively the prices in Egypt all of this is a threat for the center as the customer numbers decline and the prices become higher, and it becomes difficult to forecast the business situation in the short term. * Governmental regulation

Key opportunities and threats for the center
There is always change in government regulations which create opportunities and threats also. For example, Anti-trust legislation where there is an effort to ban the monopolies. Some organizations think that Monopolies should be banned. Similarly, tax rates and lobbying efforts for special

1) Tax rate: as there is not stability in Egypt, so there is no stability in the tax rate so the center and a lot of business don’t know how to keep balance between the prices and the taxes so they can gain some profit. 2) Patent law: also the center provide some special services that isn’t served in other educational center , but as the patent laws in Egypt are very difficult and have a lot of process and don’t protect the business so this is a threat and the center cant clear their competitive advantages.

Technology forces
Technology is a business enabler that has revolutionary impact on the actual conduct of business. It contributes to achieving desired business productivity and efficiency. The Internet what used to be impossibility in instantaneous global communication has become a cold reality and an urgent necessity for every business in order to succeed. The Internet, including its e-commerce and social networking adjuncts, continues to change the nature of opportunities and threats in business. It alters product life cycles, increases distribution...
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