External and Internal Factors of Apple Inc.

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External and Internal Factors on Apple Inc.
October 27, 2008

External and Internal Factors on Apple Inc.
As with any company, a solid foundation is essential for success. Companies need to have a system in place to help management plan ahead should there be a "bump" in the road. A good example of a company that is built on a solid foundation is Apple. Companies have developed and implemented their own management concepts to keep them one step ahead of the competition. There are basically four management functions used to handle any situation: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Yet unforeseen issues either within the company or outside affect these implemented concepts. Planning is the base upon which all the areas of management should be built. There is a constant, never-ending change in the business climate and a plan must be in place to handle all of them. An internal factor that could affect a plan from being used is personal conflict. You don't like the person that has a plan. You have more authority than them, so you squash the idea before it can happen. Maybe it was a good idea, maybe not. You don't care. An external factor that can change the plan is the customer. What do the Apple customers want? When you leaked the information about a new phone about to come out (marketing), are customers camping out at your store for the phone or do they even care? Knowing the customer will help you make better decisions about what is the best plan to use. Organizing is the second function of management. Management must organize all its resources in order to implement the course of action it determined in the planning process. What could be an internal issue that could affect the bringing together of said resources? The decision of who would be in charge of coordinating the staff. Organizing needs cooperation. Disagreements in choosing the staff could drag out the time it takes to implement the plan. An external issue that could slow down implementation is the market. Maybe the market has changed and not so much staff is needed. If this happens, the staff is re-organized into other, more important areas. Leading is the third function of management. Strong leadership skills are necessary to be very successful in business today. What would be an internal factor that would prevent a business from succeeding in business? Leaders must be able to motivate workers to fulfill the goals of the company and out-perform their competitors. If you can't motivate your employees to come to work every day and to be passionate about the business at hand, you will find it difficult to succeed. But, if internally you are motivated to succeed, what would be an external factor that would prevent you from succeeding? How about market motivation? Is the market ready and willing to buy your product or use your service? That's when the planning comes back into the equation. Planning ahead for a change in buying power from the consumer must be done to keep things moving in a positive direction. A strong leader and leadership team will be aware of these changes and make the necessary adjustments. Controlling is the fourth factor of management. Controlling is establishing performance standards based on the company's objectives, and evaluating and reporting actual job performance. An internal factor that could affect controlling is the management involved. Not following through when some employee work performance is lacking will lower morale. Management should not lower standards in an effort to solve performance problems. Rather they should directly address the employee or department having the problem (associatedcontent.com; 1969). Conversely, if limited resources or other external factors prohibit standards from being attained, management should lower standards as needed (associatedcontent.com; 1969). Apple has touched the world in all of its contributions to making ones daily lives efficient. They’ve expanded that contribution...

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