External and Internal Environmental Analysis

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External and Internal Environmental Analysis

Richard Moody


April 1, 2013
Ryan Derrickson

Apple, Inc. started as a computer company launched back in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The goal behind Apple Inc. was to create a computer that could be used by diverse global communities. Apple has always been very savvy in their approach on releasing the advanced technology that their company provides. Along with their innovative company computer products, Apple Inc. has expanded into other avenues. In addition, to the computers Apple Inc. has found themselves in the market of designing and manufacturing mobile and media devices. The company’s product line includes items such as the iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod and Apple TV. The products that Apple offers can used for both business and consumer purposes. Apple Inc. has been ahead of the curve in providing new technologies that make the consumer’s life easier. For example, changing the way consumers listen to music. The combination of a iPod and iTunes allows a consumer to sync their music. With the structure that Apple Inc. has built over the years, it is important for the company to have developed a way to assess both its internal and external environment. Important External Environmental Factor

Since Apple Inc. was created, the world has changed over time. Initially when Apple first created the Apple I people didn’t take the technology too serious. But today it would be hard to find a home that doesn’t have a computer in it. There are many factors that affects how a company is planned, lead and ran. More purchases are being made from the comforts of a person’s couch. How are these people doing it one may ask? Well it is being done by computers. An external environmental factor is defined as factors that are beyond the control of the firm that influences its choices of direction and...

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