Extermination of the Jewish Race

Topics: Nazi Germany, Germany, Aryan race Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: August 27, 2013
‘The extermination of the Jewish race was the singular goal of the holocaust. Argue.’ To a large extent, the extermination of the Jewish race was not the singular goal of the Holocaust. The reason this is true is because Adolf Hitler had many goals as well as eliminating the Jewish Race within the holocaust, therefore it was not the singular goal. Hitler’s goals were to create a pure Aryan Race, to eliminate other races and other groups, make Germans the master race so they could dominate the world, and to prove to everyone that the races other than Germans and Aryans were racially inferior. There are some reasons that it might be considered that it was the singular goal to exterminate the Jewish race such as the scale and proportion of the Jews killed. The extermination of the Jewish race was not the only thing Hitler wanted to achieve during the holocaust; he wanted to create a pure Aryan race. The Aryan race according to Hitler consisted of blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. The men had to be muscular and in the case of the women, they had to be beautiful. But these were just the basics. The ideal German in Hitler’s eyes had to be free of any disability, no deformity or abnormity, tall, fit, skinny and no mental illness. They had to be straight and the men had to be active and healthy enough to be able to do military service and the women had to have a fertile body. Hitler wanted all of the Germans to be pure racially so that he could start a ‘perfect’ race of his own. To accomplish this, he had to wipe out anyone who did not have those qualifications. Hitler wanted to do this because he envied the people he so thought were perfect, the Aryans. He envied them because he himself did not have those features. If people did not have these qualifications, Hitler checked their bloodline. So if somebody had brown hair and brown eyes they would only be allowed to live if they had at least three or more of their grandparents who obtained blonde and blue eyes. The...

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