Extenssa: The New Standard of Care in Fluid Management

Topics: Marketing, Surgery Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Extenssa: The New Standard of Care in Fluid Management

A Comprehensive Marketing Approach

What is Extenssa?
Extenssa is the single most innovative and functional drug ever created in support of fluid management for use during surgeries. It is a wonder-drug that can save countless lives and provide doctors with a more effective solution versus its competitors.

HOWEVER, unless Extenssa is properly marketed, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and ultimately patients will never be able to realize the full potential of its benefits. As a result, the need exists for a comprehensive and affordable marketing communications program that can educate its target audience of its virtues and advantages over competing fluid management solutions. In response to this need, we are offering an ideal marketing solution that will yield a high return on investment.

4 Objectives Will Ensure Success
We have identified 4 objectives which, if met, will substantially increase the sales of Extenssa over its competitors: 1.To firmly establish Extenssa as the new standard of care in high blood loss surgical procedures. 2.To continue to introduce target audiences to the features, advantages, and benefits of Extenssa as the treatment of choice for hypovolemia. 3.To increase understanding of the use of Extenssa among target audiences. 4.To assist sales representatives in converting accounts from all competitors to Extenssa.

How We’ll Achieve These Objectives
Our plan will utilize multiple and unique marketing vehicles, including: •Direct marketing to surgeons – a program dedicated towards the marketing of Extenssa to surgeons directly. •Direct marketing to anesthesiologists – a program dedicated towards the marketing of Extenssa to anesthesiologists directly. •Journal advertising – utilizing attractive and attention-grabbing advertisements in medical journals to effectively communicate the advantages of Extenssa and the disadvantages of its competitors. •Direct mail –...
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