Extended Marketing Mix

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The extended marketing mix (7Ps)

The marketing mix is the combination of marketing activities that an organisation engages in so as to best meet the needs of its targeted market. Traditionally the marketing mix consisted of just 4 Ps. For example, a motor vehicle manufacturer like Audi:

* Produces products that are of the highest quality and fit for the needs of different groups of consumers,

* Offers a range of cars at value for money prices, depending on the market segmented they are targeted at,

* Sells the cars through appropriate outlets such as dealerships and showrooms in prime locations, i.e. in the right places, and

* Supports the marketing of the products through appropriate promotional and advertising activity.

The marketing mix thus consists of four main elements:

1. Product

2. Price

3. Place

4. Promotion.

Getting the mix of these elements right enables the organisation to meet its marketing objectives and to satisfy the requirements of customers. In addition to the traditional four Ps it is now customary to add some more Ps to the mix to give us Seven Ps.

The additional Ps have been added because today marketing is far more customer oriented than ever before, and because the service sector of the economy has come to dominate economic activity in this country. These 3 extra Ps are particularly relevant to this new extended service mix. The three extra Ps are:

1. Physical layout - in the days when manufacturing dominated the UK economy the physical layout of production units such as factories was not very important to the end consumer because they never went inside the factory. However, today consumers typically come into contact with products in retail units - and they expect a high level of presentation in modern shops - e.g. record stores, clothes shops etc. Not only do they need to easily find their way around the store, but they also often expect a good standard or presentation. The...
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