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How is Foxconn proof that Globalization has negative impacts and how could Foxconn behave more ethically? – A case study.

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In this case study I have looked into how Foxconn is an example of how globalization has a lot of negative effects and not only positive effects. I have looked into how globalization does make nations more connected and makes communication and transportation a lot easier but also that sometimes countries become dependent on large companies and if that business collapses all the other businesses and countries and people in it are greatly affected.

This goes to show how being globalized makes other businesses and countries more dependent on each other. For example if Apple was still part of Foxconn and one day Foxconn collapsed and was unable to manufacture products for Apple, this would cause huge problems for Apple and Apple’s customers. So even though being connected is good, it can also cause problems.

I also looked into how if a business increases in size, it is not always a good thing for them. Though it comes with a lot of benefits with economies of scale but once a business gets too large then they begin to experience diseconomies of scale and that is what Foxconn has been going through. They were unable to improve living and working standards for their employees and grow rapidly at the same time. So in turn this caused the employees to become stressed and lower morale and a lot of them worked inefficiently and some of them decided to commit suicide.

In this case study I also discussed how large corporations are not always able to act ethically and that is why the image of globalization and multi-national companies is not that great anymore. So, I looked into how a company like Foxconn can be more ethical in their business. For example they could follow the

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