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The vampire – From Dracula to Twilight. What defines the vampire?

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The novel “Twilight” is ‘in' at the moment therefore focuses this extended essay on vampires and the transformation from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” to Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight”. The essay focuses on if the vampire has stayed the same and over the century that is between these books focusing on the differences and similarities and where they have gotten their inspiration from. Many of the symbols found in vampire stories contain Christian elements and this is also a major focus point and the Christians are concerned about the effect the vampire stories have towards adolescents. There are so many young girls reading “Twilight” and other vampire related books, since the release of “Twilight” the world has been bombarded with vampire books and TV shows and the essay too focuses on what is does to adolescents to read about this forbidden love and danger that involves this perfect love between a vampire and a mortal and if they can look realistic upon love life after reading these books. I believe that a vampire can be defined in many ways but the modern divine vampire is the one writers are going to stick to in the future. The modern story about Romeo and Juliet rewrote into a lion and a lamb.

Table of contents:

Introduction 1 Biography and summery 2 The vampire differences and similarities between Twilight and Dracula 3 Christianity in vampire stories 4 The significance of vampires in adolescent’s eyes 5 Conclusion 7 Bibliography 9 Introduction

Love stories are always popular especially if the love is forbidden and if there is a bit of danger to as well. “Twilight” is a combination of exactly these elements and that is what makes it so great and well liked. The novel “Twilight” has gained immense popularity around the world since it was released in 2005. Girls around the world have fallen in love with the main character the vampire Edward Cullen and when the screen version was made in 2008 lots of other vampire shows appeared on television because of the big interest from young girls seeing vampires as, the ultimate lover. Stephenie Meyer based the main character Bella on a normal girl; this is very appealing to the young girls who read it. When girls are reading this book they imagine they are Bella and when they read the description of this perfect vampire and forbidden love they become obsessed with finding this perfect mixture of danger and lust and the fact that this vampire is living off animal blood instead of human blood makes it more acceptable to love him because he is not portrayed as a monster but as a person trying to live life as normally as possible. Maybe this is how the vampire phenomena turned into an obsession about lust and danger and portraying vampires as sex symbols for millions of girl. This entire obsession about vampires inspired me to looking into the transformation from the original vampire...

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