Extended Definition Essay: Professional Dog Breeder

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ENG 101
9 November 2011
Professional Dog Breeder A definition for the title “professional dog breeder” is not found in any dictionary nor are there any established laws that regulate the breeding of dogs, only the housing and feeding of them. Dog breeder most commonly calls up all manner of horrific images mass-produced by broadcast news and talk show commentators to depict starving, filthy, dying dogs and puppies caged in tiny wire pens. People do not realize the negative mental outlook this misconception attaches to all breeders nor do they realize that these dog breeders are not only cruel but breaking the only basic laws that regulate the business. It is evident there is a cavernous gap between a good professional breeder and a backyard breeder concerning the quality of dogs bred and the care provided for them. In fact, a good professional dog breeder will do everything in his or her power to insure the prospective owner receives a genetically healthy puppy with the highest quality bloodlines. Being a dog breeder does not automatically make a person a cruel or inhumane pet owner. The definition of a good “professional dog breeder” is an individual that will have every dog genetically tested to insure only the best are used for breeding, will be meticulously dedicated to improving bloodlines, and will strive to match each puppy to the lifestyle of the prospective owner. One of the first definitions for the title “professional dog breeder” will be someone aware of the genetic issues prominent for his or her specific breed and will have certified genetic testing completed to prevent these faults from being passed to future generations. Genetic testing is vital to the professional breeder that prefers to sell based on his or her good reputation. In addition, genetic testing on adult dogs will greatly increase the percentage of high quality,...
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