Extemporaneous Speech Outline

Topics: Critical thinking, Law, Audience Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 4, 2013
TITLE OF SPEECH: All speeches must be titled. GENERAL PURPOSE(METHOD OF PRESENTATION): to inform, to entertain, to demonstrate, to persuade by making in-roads, etc.

SPECIFIC PURPOSE (AUDIENCE OUTCOME): What particular response do you want to evoke from your audience? Fill in the blank: At the end of my speech I want my audience to__________________.

INTRODUCTION I. INTEREST STEP (ALSO CALLED "ICE BREAKER" OR "ATTENTION GETTER"): Use the beginning of your speech to capture to audience's interest and to stress the importance of the topic. You must tell on your outline how you are going to accomplish this step. List the technique(s) that you use in the appropriate place marked "technique." TECHNIQUE:

II. THESIS SENTENCE: The thesis sentence is one simple declarative statement which summarizes your speech. This statement is the crux of your speech.

III. CLARIFICATION: This step can include definitions, background material, or any other information necessary for your audience to have a clear understanding of your thesis.

IV. PREVIEW STEP: This step relates the main points of the speech to the audience in order to facilitate understanding of proof of the thesis. "Tell them what you are going to tell them."

BODY I. MAIN POINT: Each main point discussed in the body of the speech is a major division of the thesis. Each main point proves a part of the thesis by the method listed below. State your main point and then give evidence to support it: A. EVIDENCE: STATISTICS, EXAMPLES, QUOTATIONS FROM AUTHORITY, ANALOGIES, AND AUDIO/VISUAL AIDS are all forms of evidence. Use one of them at this point in proving a main point. B. REASONING (EVIDENCE + REASONING = PROOF): After stating your main point and giving your evidence, explain how your evidence relates to your thesis. C. RELATIONSHIP TO THESIS: Make sure you show how your proven main point relates to your thesis. Don't leave the relationship of main point to...
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