Extant of Satisfaction on the Goods and Services of the Cafeteria

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The purpose of this study was to compare student's satisfaction with school food service environment to improve the quality of middle school meal service. A survey was conducted of 680 students (boys 246, girls 433) from 6 middle schools providing school meals from October to November 2007. The questionnaires were directly distributed to the subjects for comparison of satisfaction of school meals depending on the eating place. As for the quantity of food, classroom group (3.40) expressed significantly higher satisfaction than cafeteria group (3.16, P < 0.01), but as for the satisfaction on hygiene, classroom group (2.76) showed significantly lower satisfaction than cafeteria group (3.03, P < 0.01). About the satisfaction of school meal environment, classroom group showed more satisfaction on distribution time, eating place, eating atmosphere (P < 0.001). The classroom group showed higher satisfaction than cafeteria group in cases of quantity, diversity of types of soup, dessert, and the cost of school meal. To improve eating place and hygiene of school meal, sufficient cafeteria space and pleasant environment is needed to be established. Keywords: School meal, meal distribution, food service environment, satisfaction

Adolescents need a balanced nutrition intake because their physical development and activity are dramatically increasing (Kim, 2002). They prefer more tasty and trendy food, so they eat a lot of fast food and instant snacks, which is affected by food commercials and convenience (The Food and Drug Association, 2007). As a result of that, there are a lot of health problems caused from much intake of sugar, salt, fat, etc (Chung & Han, 2000). Therefore, in early 1997, the school meal program started to operate in all the primary schools, and expanded to high schools in 1999 and middle schools in 2002 (The Ministry of Education, 1999) to improve their body strength and dietary life by providing a healthy well-balanced lunch (Lee, 2003). Thanks to the school meal policy, the school meal service increased nationwide but there are many problems related to facility costs, securing financial resources and utilizing human resources in middle and high schools rather than in primary schools because of insufficient financial support (Kim & Lee, 2003; Lee et al., 2002). The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Department comes up with "comprehensive school meal improvement measures (2007~2011)" as a means of substantiating the school meal operation and making school meal facilities better. It is aimed at modernizing the school meal facilities, increasing the rate of installing air cooling system and reducing the number of schools which don't have their own cafeterias. Particularly, it plans to reduce the rate of schools without their own cafeterias from 23.7% in 2006 to 20% in 2011. The rate of providing school meal service in urban areas is lower than rural area with only 51.5% (The Ministry of Education, 2007). Currently, schools without their own cafeterias are providing school meals in the classrooms, which have problems with a high risk of safety accidents in the process of moving the meals, improper meal temperature, unclean status of meal provision and providing uneven meal quantity to students (Kim & Lee, 2004). However, even if there is a cafeteria in a school, the space is small, waiting time for meals is prolonged making students unsatisfied (Lee, 2005). There are single-sex schools in Korea, and boys and girls might have different needs and satisfaction for the school meals. The satisfaction of school meals is related to improving the effects of school meals (Kim & Lee, 2003), so we need to improve the school meal services to enhance the students' nutrition status and health (Kim, 2005). Satisfaction of school...
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