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2A—Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Santo Tomas

Canare, Ann Shery; Caraos, Aeraille Diane; Carillo, Pauline Mari; Carreon, Leslie Ann; Co, Alexandra Kay

ABSTRACT. The regulation of internal pH is a physiological function of major importance for all organisms.

The quantity pH is intended to be a measure of the activity of hydrogen ions in solution. Buffers, on the other hand, are solutions containing a substantial concentration of both members of a weak conjugate acid-base pair; and it can resist moderate pH changes. Biochemists and other life scientists also need to control pH in their experiments and frequently prepare aqueous buffer solutions for enzyme assays, extraction solvents, incubation media, etc. The relationship between pH and the ratio of the concentrations of the buffer components is given by the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. In the experiment, electrometric determination and colorimetric determination of pH was performed. In electrometric determination, a buffer solution was prepared by adjusting the pH of the sample (i.e. Dove shampoo) to 5. In colorimetric determination, different acid-base indicator were added to different buffer solutions, and the pH where the change in colour were seen were noted. The data shown later would show a different change in colour for every pH, which indicates that the hydrogen or hydroxide ions change in an aqueous solution due to the pH indicators.



pH is often heard and always computed
every Chemistry class but is it only important for
Chemistry students? Of course not. pH is important
and will always be important to everyone. From the
soil to the food and most importantly our body is in
relation to pH. One example of the importance of pH
is our blood, which is slightly basic, and if blood pH
is not within the normal values, certain complications
may arise or worse the body dies. Another one is the...

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